game theory

game theory
т. игр теория игр (раздел математики, изучающий математические модели принятия решений в так называемых конфликтных ситуациях, т. е. в ситуациях, когда интересы участников либо противоположны, либо не совпадают)
payoff, alternative, strategy, equilibrium, focal point, core, game function, subgame, stage, first-mover advantage, common knowledge, threat, perfect information, complete information, forward induction, backward induction, asynchrony, normal form, extensive form, payoff matrix, game tree, credible threat, noncredible threat, coalition, game of skill, game of luck, simulation game, game of strategy, symmetric game, one-shot game, dynamic game, repeated game, supergame, assurance game, constant-sum game, variable-sum game, zero-sum game, finite game, infinite game, game against nature, game of degree, game of kind, game of timing, reduced game, combinatorial game, cooperative game, non-cooperative game, game with transferable utility, sequential game, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel, Bernoulli, Daniel
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теория игр
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